12 October 2011

The true test....first tests coming up

So the girls have been doing really well and enjoying their language classes.  Sweet Pea said it's not as bad as she thought it was going to be; Rosie Jane loves her class.  The real test is coming up this week - they were assigned their first tests on Monday.  They have to print them, take them, and email them back to Mr. G before Friday's class.  The tough thing (at least for my girls) will be that spelling counts, including umlauts and accents.  They're both doing well with the speaking and reading as far as I can tell, but the spelling is a challenge.  I'll probably look over their tests before I scan them to email them back but it's not my job to grade them (yea!).

Funny story about German class...we were on the road this weekend.  Now we hardly ever take off Columbus Day, Bob works so we continue on with school, but this year we took it off to head to NH for our nephew's baptism.  Class did not take a break so Rosie Jane had German and Sweet Pea had French on Monday.  We figured we'd be all high-techy and use Bob's phone as a hot spot for his laptop and the girls could connect to class.  Worked great, Rosie Jane got into her class, was listening in, participating, everything was going great....until the computer died!  It was her turn to speak and just as she asked "can you hear me?" the computer went into hibernation!  Turns out it was a problem with the computer cord and we couldn't get it to charge.  Bummer.  Then Bob had a brilliant idea (of course, after her class was over) and asked if I could get in using my phone (we've got HTC EVOs).  So I went to the site, had to download a couple of things but got it all set up in time for Sweet Pea's French class.  The only downside was that she didn't have a mic so the class couldn't hear her, but she could type in the text message box and participate otherwise.  Worked great, if in a small version.  We'll have to remember that next month; we're heading to Disney for a few days and will be in the car on a class day.  I may be a mean mom and make them do school when they think they should be off, but not mean enough that I'll make them take time out between Space Mountain and Dumbo to learn German or French.  They can catch up when we get home.

The end to the funny German class story is that Rosie Jane went to listen to the recording of her class on Tuesday and it apparently caught more of her talking than she thought.  You could hear her ask "can you hear me?," then a loud "NOOOOOOO" and some other chatter before she's gone.  She said that she was really embarrassed listening to it.  She asked her friends today about it and they thought it was funny.  I'm sure Mr. G was glad she was back on her computer.

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