10 August 2011

Curriculum - Choices, Choices, Choices

So what do you use to homeschool?  There are SO many choices out there for homeschoolers these days.  I'm sure when my cousins were homeschooled back in the day (1980s-1990s) that my aunt had to work pretty hard to find something to use or maybe she used a correspondence school.  If I remember right from a conversation I had with her several years ago, they did some textbook learning and some unschooling.  These days you can choose from school at home (textbooks) to literature based learning to unschooling/delight directed learning and anything and everything in between.  It can truly be overwhelming the choices that are available. 

If you don't know what to do, the best place to start to find curriculum is to talk to friends who homeschool or go to a convention where you can see curriculum in person.  If you've homechooled for a while you can keep going to the next level with what you're doing if it's working.  If it's not working it may be time for a change up.  This year I'm doing a bit of both, keeping the things that are working really well and changing up a few others.  I'm feeling more confident the longer I've homeschooled so this year I'm mixing and matching some things and making them "mine."  I'm also using some things right off the shelf as is.

My next few posts will be about what we're using this year.  Some things are an easy choice, some are much more difficult for us, trying to find the right thing that will work for Sweet Pea.  And what works for Sweet Pea isn't necessarily what's going to be best for Rosie Jane.  Just to keep life interesting!

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