18 August 2011

The end of summer

So the end of summer is just about upon us.  The girls and I are headed to my brother's for some last fun in the sun before the serious work of school gets under way.  We've got a good three weeks of school under our belts, we'll get in a couple more days next week in between the trip to my brother's and a family camping trip, then it will be all school, all the time.  Well, not really, but Aug. 29 is going to be our first full day back to school and we'll be adding in all those subjects (except for foreign languages) that we haven't started yet.

I'm looking forward to this year and I think it will be a good one.  The girls can mostly work independently and I can be more of a tutor instead of teacher.  We'll still be doing music and Bible reading together but other than that they'll be working on their own.  Rosie Jane is excited about doing science with her BFF.  They'll be doing the reading on their own and meeting to do the labs once a week.  I still have a few things to order for Sweet Pea, some of her history books that she'll need in a couple of months, the College and Career Planning course from Sonlight and I just ordered a science book for her from CBD.  I think then we'll all be ready to go.

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