27 August 2011

Time for planning

Since we're going to be getting lots of rain later today, thanks to Hurricane Irene, I'm going to make the time to do some planning and scheduling for school.  We'll really get underway on Monday, Aug. 29, and I've got some things to get scheduled and figured out. 

Things to do: 
  • finalize my Sonlight order and get that taken care of
  • finish figuring out grading policies for Sweet Pea's classes
  • scheduling out Rosie Jane's study of Narnia
  • see where I am in scheduling Sweet Pea's history (a huge project!)
  • clean up the school area so we're ready to go on Monday
 It doesn't sound or look too exciting but it's all stuff that's got to be done, and soon!  We also still need to get a new computer for the girls since Rosie Jane is taking an online German class and needs to have a computer that works better than the one we have right now for them.  Much to do!

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