06 August 2011

Writing course

I don't have anything brilliant to share today.  The only exciting thing (besides that it's my birthday) is that Sweet Pea's writing course came in the mail today.  She's going to be doing the One Year Adventure Novel writing course.  She has a passion for writing and hopefully this will help her to learn what's good story writing and how to fix her not so good stuff.  It's gotten really good reviews and I bought it through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op when they offered it last month so got it for a bit less.  I've read through the teacher guide, at least the parts I was supposed to have read in the first few weeks.  Well, I actually skimmed the second chapter, but I did read the first one.  It comes with dvd lessons, a textbook, and workbook. I can't wait to see what she what she's going to write!  Guess I'll have to wait until May to read the finished novel.

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