16 September 2011

It's been a long week!

Wow!  I'm tired.  It's Friday afternoon and it's been a crazy week!  We had a ton of rain last week, which cancelled Rosie Jane's golf classes.  Good news was that they could reschedule them, bad news is that it was moved to this past Wednesday and next Wednesday.  It was crazy getting Rosie Jane to golf and dance and  Sweet Pea to work on Tuesday!  Both Wednesday and Thursday were just about as bad since I had meetings both nights.  Glad this week is over and we can enjoy the weekend since I'll have to do it all over again next week, except I only have a meeting on Tuesday.  Not sure that will be any better!

Well, we're now done two full weeks of school.  I'm pretty sure that we've got all the stuff we need to keep us going for quite a while.  One week of French and German classes are complete.  It's not nearly as bad as Sweet Pea thought it was going to be.  Both girls have had homework from their classes that they've needed to get done and both had pop quizzes today.  This could be interesting.  They have the same teacher so if Rosie Jane has a pop quiz in her class at 10, it's pretty sure that Sweet Pea will in her class as 12.  Guess it won't be a surprise to her!  I also think it's probably good that I remember bits and pieces of both languages so I can help them out (I took 3 years of French in high school and remember more of that than from the 2 semesters of German that I took in college).

Pretty much everything else is moving along well.  Sweet Pea is almost finished her leftover science and moving on to the new.  It'll all count in her earth science credit since that's pretty much what she's been working on.  Rosie Jane is having a love/hate relationship with her Narnia study.  Not really what she thought it was going to be (my guess is it's more work than she really wanted to do).

Glad the week is over, a great weekend is coming up.  Enjoy it!!

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