05 September 2011

Back to school

So today is Labor Day, which around here means that summer is over and tomorrow is the first day of school.  In our house, technically we started school August 1 but the last couple of weeks have been rather hit or miss as we've finished up our summer fun.  This week we'll be getting into our regular routine for school work, then next week most of the outside activities start up again.  I still don't have all the school books we need, but I do have most everything we need right now.  I just ordered the German book Rosie Jane needs for her class which starts next week.  I made a big order with Sonlight for history books for Sweet Pea, her college and career planning course, and a few other things.  Hopefully it'll ship and get here this week. 

Although we're back to our regular schedule, it's still going to be a short school week for the girls.  They had today off and they'll be doing some light school on Friday.  Bob and I are headed out of town somewhere for our anniversary.  I guess we should have thought ahead when we got married and chosen a different date so we wouldn't be ditching the girls after their first week of school.  They're going to Grandma's for the weekend while we camp (hopefully) somewhere.  Don't know where we're going yet since the weather is being really fickle.  Lots of rain this week and maybe a hurricane this weekend, which of course would be just like any vacation we take. At least the girls will get in three good days.  I'll take some first day of school pictures tomorrow and post them.

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