12 September 2011

That pesky foreign language credit

One of the more difficult parts of homeschooling, if you ask me, is the foreign language credit.  For any kid that wants to go to college you have to learn to parle francais or sprechen deutsch or some other language.  Science is hard to do at home, but a foreign language, unless it's your first or second language, is really hard.  There are options and I think I've finally found some good ones for us.  This year both girls are taking classes through CurrClick.  They offer a wide variety of ebooks, e-courses, and online classes.  Sweet Pea is taking French and Rosie Jane is taking German.  They're both taking classes with Mr. G.  Rosie Jane took some intro German classes with him last summer and enjoyed them and now it's time for the real deal.  Sweet Pea would much rather work on her own, but that doesn't really work for learning a new language.  Right now they're in the level 1 class; they'll take level 2 in the spring and it will be 1 credit of foreign language.  Most colleges are looking for a minimum of 2 credits, many want 3 (or maybe 2 of one language and 2 of a different one) or even 4.  I'll have to find out if Mr. G offers anything beyond the first year of a language.  If not, I'll have to look around for Sweet Pea for a couple more years of French.  I think I'm set for Rosie Jane.

Their first classes were today.  Rosie Jane didn't actually have her's.  Mr. G was having computer issues with the online classroom so her's is rescheduled for tomorrow.  He apparently figured them out or borrowed someone else's computer because Sweet Pea did have her French class today.  So far, so good, although today was mostly an introduction to Mr. G, how the class is going to work, a bit of geography (where French is spoken), and their first few words. Talk to me in a month to see how my reluctant French speaker is doing.

So some foreign language options:

take a class at the high school
use a textbook curriculum  downside being no one to talk to and practice with
find a local homeschool class  I'll be looking into CHESS for Sweet Pea  for next year if needed
take a distance learning class from a college  this is what Rosie Jane will be doing
take a class at a community college  if you're old enough, 16 here in VA
a computer learning course

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