17 September 2011

Organized? I'm not quite there yet.

So we're a couple of weeks into school and I'm starting to realize that I'm not feeling terribly organized.  I've got all these books and a schedule to go with them but since I'm not using them as scheduled I need to come up with my own.  Actually I've got three schedules, none of which I'm using as written.  Bummer. 

Sweet Pea loves history and for her I'm combing world history (Sonlight cores G and H) and American history (Sonlight core 100).  Actually it's only the end of core G where I've started combining.  But the point is, I'm using 2.5 Sonlight cores, none really as written.  I'm using all their books, plus Mystery of History, and mushing them all together.  I'm using their questions but putting all these books into time order kind of going back and forth between world and American history.  It will be an interesting couple of years as I expect that we'll be working on this until the end of next year.  I do have the next several books scheduled and will pull out the information from the Sonlight schedules that we need.  This combining is actually more work than I realized but it will be so worth it in the end.

In most other areas I'm feeling good.  The language stuff is going well (Sweet Pea even said it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be), Rosie Jane is going to start science this week with her BFF now that their lab stuff has come in.  Rosie Jane is excited to start her new English grammar book, hopefully some of this stuff that we've been going over for years is going to finally start to stick.  Rosie Jane is almost done with her math book and will be moving on to the next one.  Then I have to figure out about pre-Algebra, does she do both the books or just one?  I'll probably have her do both since she'll need the practice, then she can move on to Algebra.

I'll be spending time tomorrow working on schedules for the week.  That's my Sunday afternoon gig - while they're all at youth group I do school stuff.  I may have to change that as I may join a Bible study that meets at the same time, I'll have to see.  If that happens I'll have to carve out my school planning time somewhere else in the weekend.  The week goes so much better if I'm organized on Sunday night.

It's going to be another crazy week this week.

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