23 September 2011

Another week done and in the books.  Nothing too exciting happened this week except I am loving the foreign language classes the girls are taking.  They both enjoy them and seem to have made some online friends, they are motivated to do their homework and get it done usually the day of their class so it's ready way ahead of time.  It really seems to be going well for them.

Rosie Jane finished the last few lessons of last year's language arts and has started the 7th grade book.  So far it's good, a review of what she just did which is something she really needs.  For some reason, grammar stuff just.is.not.sticking with her.  We go over it and over it, she seems to be getting it, but when it comes to doing the tests or even the daily worksheets, it's all gone.  Guess we'll be spending more time on grammar this year to make sure she gets it.  And I'm getting just a little tired of telling her to start her sentences with a capital letter and only use them at the beginning of sentences and for proper names and to end her sentences with some sort of punctuation.  I guess we'll get there some day.

Sweet Pea is really enjoying history.  Still moving along in the Middle Ages, getting to the black death.  She's also learning about the Aztecs and other South American civilizations.  Her big struggle is math right now.  Hopefully it'll make sense to her soon.  She's just about done with her science leftover from last year.  It all ties into this year's Earth Science so the work she's done since August will count in her Earth Science grade.  Finally she's really enjoying science.  Hopefully that enjoyment will continue as we move into the new books.

This weekend they're off to the Awakening Festival, a huge Christian concert/festival.  The nice thing is that it's being held this year at Camp Highroad which is where they go for summer camp.  They are going with a couple of youth from our church, and several kids from another local church.  Good news is that they are staying in one of the lodges since it's been raining since early this morning.  Hopefully they'll stay dry and have a ton of fun!

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