08 July 2011

Applying to college and record keeping

Just a quick post on applying to college.  I'll be putting up lots more about applying to college in about three years but just a few more food for thought things that will help you in the later years.

As you start looking at college websites, many now have a page for homeschooler applicants that lists the requirements if you have been homeschooled.  Many times the requirements are pretty much the same as for any other applicant, sometimes they request/require something more.  Even though the homeschooling "movement" is growing larger each year there are still many colleges that don't have information on their website for homeschoolers or sometimes even know what to do when one applies.

Some basics to know now before you get too deep into high school...even though they may never ask for it, you should probably keep a list of all books read during high school.  I think we're going to have a pretty impressive list around here.  The other thing I think I'll do is have a box around and throw any writing, tests, lab books (at the end of the year) and any other important stuff into it.  I'll label it "9th grade" and stick it onto a shelf in our storage area.  I'll do the same for all four years of high school.  Chances are no college is ever going to want to look at this stuff but if for some reason they do (to substantiate a grade you gave maybe) you'll have it.  Or if your computer crashes and takes your grades with it, you've got the paperwork to go back and recreate it.  Or if for some reason your student decides to go to a private or public school you may need to show some of this stuff to get them into the appropriate grade/get credit for classes taken.  It won't take up much room and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Some good advice I got about high school - it's really just doing the next thing.  Make sure your student knows the current lesson well then move on to the next thing.  The biggest difference is keeping grades, you have to do that even if you haven't done it in the past (I really haven't, no need to).

That'll probably be it for college talk for now, back to high school planning.

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