29 July 2011

Williamsburg, yet again

Just had to write about Williamsburg yet again tonight.  Last night Bob was catching up on his reading and didn't like what I said about our favorite time of year to go there.  I told him that I had kept it simple.  Really, we love to go almost anytime.  The spring is very pretty with everything blooming.  There's lots of gardens with plenty of showy flowers.  The summer is ok, but it's usually crowded with visitors and it's also really hot and muggy.  If I want hot and muggy, I can get it at home but at least here I can stay in the a/c. 

The fall is also very pretty.  There's plenty of trees changing colors, the crowds are fewer.  This picture is from a few years ago but you can see how pretty it is there.  No, it's not Jan. 2004, the camera date wasn't set; it was the fall of 2007.

The winter is another of our favorite times to head to Williamsburg.  The houses are so pretty decorated in the Colonial fashion for Christmas, if you're lucky there's snow, and Bob's favorite thing about Williamsburg in the winter is getting hot apple cider.  He loves to go there, get some cider and a cookie and walk around looking at the decorations, taking pictures, doing some Christmas shopping, and having a fun time with family.  We usually try to get together down there with my family sometime in December but it's getting harder as the kids get older and busier.

One last thing about Williamsburg.  They usually have homeschool days planned twice a year.  We haven't actually been to them because we're there several times a year at other times.  The ones this fall are scheduled for Sept. 10-25.  The website does say that they have special activities planned for then so maybe we will go down.  If you want more information about the homeschool days, you can find it here.

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