21 July 2011

My girls

My girls are at camp this week, hopefully having a good time even though it's boiling hot out there. I've been busy but am missing them a little bit so here's some about the joys of my life.

Sweet Pea is my freshman.  She's also the guinea pig in the family since she's the oldest.  Yes, you can feel sorry for her, I've learned a lot from teaching her and am hopefully doing better with her younger sister.  Maybe it's just that I'm doing it different for the younger.  Anyway, her main academic loves are history and writing.  She's written two pretty long stories and has plenty of others ready.  I think this year we're going to try the one year adventure novel writing class.  She's also taking world history, algebra, earth science, French, and Bible.  Outside of school, she likes riding her horse, snowboarding (she so can't wait for winter), riding her bike (she just finished biking the C&O Canal).  That pretty much keeps her busy!

Her main love is the snow and snowboarding.  Right now her goal is to be in the Olympics as a snowboarder and compete in boarder cross - four crazy people racing down the slope, first one down wins.  Beyond that I'm not sure she knows what she wants to do when she grows up.

This is Sweet Pea at one of the forts we visited in Florida last time we were down there.  We saw just about every fort between VA and Florida that trip. 

Rosie Jane is the younger sister.  As different as can be from her sister!  She loves science and math and wants to be a nurse when she grows up.  Actually she wants to be a pediatric or NICU nurse as she loves kids.  If she can't do that she's also been talking about being a dance teacher.  I think she'll do anything that involves kids. 

Rosie Jane will be in 7th grade this year.  She's going to be doing science with her bff this year, which should be a lot of fun.  They've talked about going to college together and being nurses.  She's also be taking English (not her strong suit!), math, German (through an online class), doing a study of the Narnia books which will cover some history, Bible, writing, and some other things. 

This is Rosie Jane getting ready for dance class right before the recital.  Dance is her passion.  She's taking five classes this fall and would like to be taking more if she could fit it in.  She also enjoys golf and is part of the First Tee program here.  She's hoping to move up to the next level this summer or fall.  Her goal in golf is to keep doing well and be invited to the First Tee tournament at Pebble Beach.  It's always good to have goals to shoot for in life.

So that's a quick snapshot of my girls.  They keep me busy but we enjoy life as a homeschooling family; it gives us so many opportunities that we wouldn't have otherwise.  I'll have more about Sweet Pea, Rosie Jane and our homeschooling adventure coming soon.

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