26 July 2011

Homeschool notification

Once again it's that time of year.  Time to turn in the paperwork to the county so we can homeschool for another year. I find that in our state it's pretty easy to homeschool.  I can teach the girls what I want then at the end of the year send in standardized test scores to the county to show that they're learning.  Here we have to notify the state that we're homeschooling, there's no approval necessary.  For some odd reason, there's two deadlines, by Aug. 1 we have to send in the test scores and by Aug. 15 we have to send in the notification for next year.  I don't understand why they're not the same date; sure seems like it would be easier.  Maybe I should have Sweet Pea write a letter to our representative about this, a good lesson in government.  I just send everything in together anyway to keep it simple (and so I don't forget something!).  So I've got my paperwork ready, we've prayed over the next year so I think we're good to go.  Just need to get it in the mail. If you're a local friend reading this, don't forget to get your paperwork turned in!!

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