16 July 2011


PE, or physical education...do your kids need a high school credit (or two)?  Yes, they probably do.  Some colleges require it, I'd guess most expect to see it.  It's a required class here in the public schools for 9th and 10th graders.  So what exactly is PE?

A few days ago I read a really good post by Lee Binz, The HomeScholar about PE.  Of course, we all know about the physical part.  Participation in sports (soccer, football, baseball, dance) will cover that part of the class, but there's also the "education" part of PE.  What can you use there?  Lee suggests thinking outside the box here.  Things like nutrition, health, sex ed, how to play a sport, first aid classes all qualify as PE.  Around here, the kids get their classroom driver's ed as part of PE so you could count that as well.  Thinking outside the box again, any sort of exercise will count towards your PE credit - running or walking, hiking on a camping trip, skiing or snowboarding, participating in a charity run.  Just be sure to track what your kids are doing and when you get enough hours they can get a credit for it.  What's a credit? you ask.  Stay tuned!

If you want to find out more about what Lee has to say about PE, here's the link to her article about PE outside the box:  http://www.thehomescholar.com/physical-education-outside-the-box.php

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